About Us

About Us

SVT – Sri Vinayaga Textiles – A Sister concern of PRIYADARISHINI CHEMICALS, COIMBATORE.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading dealer / stockiest in specialty mixing solutions/enzymes for cotton, synthetics, synthetic blends and commonly available other textile natural fibres processing.  We were established in May 2007 & are currently having a wide range of Customers in various spinning mills in around south India and North India.

We are manufacturing special solutions for Lapping control, anti static, cohesive force control between 2 different kinds of fibers with effective moisture management. Being in the industry for the last 13 years, we as an organization have grown based on our genuinely, quality, service & Fair Business Practices throughout these years.

At present there are 30 Staffs are working in our company. Problem related issues will be addressed and the correctness will be made with less lead time control measures.

The finished yarn products are having around 18% strength improvements, around 12 to 15% hairiness reduction; around 1 to 3% reduced fly liberation and around 6% reduced cost of production in a spinning mill.

In Spinning, the most difficult to open fibre is Viscose, using our special enzyme the processing of all regenerated fibres can be processed / opened easily without any fibre damages, hence the final yarn quality is always superior.